Comparison sites, Facebook, T.V Advertising.... So many mediums where the need for insurance is thrown in our faces, but where is the advice? What do i actually need? Here at A2B you can rest assured that all your options will be explored and explained to you in full.


Life Insurance

To protect your assets and family should the unthinkable happen, all our policies are correctly written into trust so any claim is dealt with quickly and the process is stress free.

Critical Illness Cover

With 1 in 2 of us expected to suffer a form of cancer at some point in out lives* and the survival rates at an all time high, the financial devastation of suffering a critical illness is all too real for many. Sourced from the British Journal of Cancer 03/02/2015. Find out how easy it is to protect yourself today.

Income Protection

After the recession of 2007 onwards, even more employers were forced to cut employee benefits such as sick pay, so if you are unable to work due to an accident or sickness then an income protection policy could ensure you can always pay those bills. Giving you peace of mind and the ability to concentrate fully on getting better without financial worry. 

Whole Of Life Insurance

With funeral cost rising year upon year, It is usually down to our loved ones to pay for and organise the send off they believe we deserve. A whole of life policy can provide a guaranteed payout to cover funeral costs when that time arrives. The whole of life insurance we advise on contains no investment element.

Buildings & Contents

Any mortgage offers comes with a compulsory condition that buildings insurance is set up before you complete. However, why would we only insure the shell? We take pride in creating our perfect homes, ensuring we have everything we want. So if something happens that destroys some or all of your personal belongings, making sure these thing are replaced is a must.

Mortgage Payment Protection

Your family will always tell you "Always pay for a roof over your head, you will never starve". Your home and having that safe place to sleep at night is the biggest priority of all, with our mortgage payment protection policies, whatever may occur, Accident, Sickness or even redundancy, your mortgage can be covered under one of these policies. 

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